Get Healthy London

Get Healthy London

There has never been a better time to create a healthier future for London, a city where everyone takes responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and helps those less able so we can all live longer, healthier lives.

How are you getting healthy, London?

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What's happening?

I'm going to cut down on my sugar intake

Chocolate and sweets are my two "sins" and, in an attempt to get healthier and fitter, I'm planning to cut…

I am going to lose weight and get fit

Because I love my girlfriend so much .I want to do it for her as well as myself to live…

I'm going to walk to and from work on three days each week

I'm doing this primarily for my own health benefit but it may help ease overcrowding on the tube too!

Make positive choices daily about exercise/ Ensure that I reduce my alcohol intake and not drink everyday

I want to loose weight and not go into middle age with a high risk of illnesses such as heart…

Go for 3 long brisk evening walks per week (1-1.5 hours).

I need to take exercise to stay healthy and don't want to commit to formal classes. A walk with my…

Get back on my treadmill!

My treadmill has been collecting dust over the last few months and beside it costing me a fortune! I really…

Start running.

I've been thinking about

Lose weight

To feel more confidence and beautiful

Stop drinking Coke for a week.

To try and get more healthy and lose weight.

register myself in the nearest gym

To keep fit ,healthy for myself and my children and be able to do my work conscientiously.

London's healthy aspirations

Caring for mental health

Care for the most mentally ill in London so they live longer, healthier lives

Creating the best health and care services

Create the best health and care services of any world city, throughout London and on everyday

Digital health

Put London at the centre of the global revolution in digital health

Kicking unhealthy habits

Help Londoners to kick unhealthy habits

Looking after myself

Enable Londoners to do more to look after themselves

Seeing my GP

Ensure that every Londoner is able to see a GP when they need to and at a time that suits them