Get Healthy London

Get Healthy London

There has never been a better time to create a healthier future for London, a city where everyone takes responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and helps those less able so we can all live longer, healthier lives.

How are you getting healthy, London?

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What's happening?

Not have any chocolate

To lose a little weight

Leave Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

My manager has made my work life unbareable, I am not respected or valued by my manager or CLCH. I…

Eat less fast food

To live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight.

Continue working in child weight management

I have a degree in Nutrition and I want to help others

Support the Sugar Smart campaign within our business for our customers, families & wider community

GS Plus is committed to supporting the Health & Wellbeing of our children, customers and wider community. We are proud…

Run 50 parkruns by the time I am 50

Fitness, community spirit, personal challenge, fun

Reduce my Fat and Sugar intake & Walk an extra 10,000 steps per day

It always surprises me how much fat and sugar are in certain foods. I will read all labels and re-educate…

Support the A&E in community first aid training

With 150,000 people dying each year from situations where first aid knowledge could have saved their life, it is apparent…

cut down on sugar

have got into the habit of having something sweet every day, and would like to start limiting to the weekends

London's healthy aspirations

Caring for mental health

Care for the most mentally ill in London so they live longer, healthier lives

Creating the best health and care services

Create the best health and care services of any world city, throughout London and on everyday

Digital health

Put London at the centre of the global revolution in digital health

Kicking unhealthy habits

Help Londoners to kick unhealthy habits

Looking after myself

Enable Londoners to do more to look after themselves

Seeing my GP

Ensure that every Londoner is able to see a GP when they need to and at a time that suits them